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    Schroefset Audi A3 8P Supersport

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Schroefset Audi A3 8P Supersport

Bouwjaar: 03/03-
Aandrijving: Voorwiel
Max. Aslast: tot 1099/1095
Vermogen (kw): 75-184
Verlaging: 35-65

Supersport Black Evolution Schroefset

Whether it is for daily use in street traffic or for professional car shows, you always get the right amount of groen clearance with the high quality sports suspension units from SUPERSPORT. Not only can the SUPERSPORT coilover units be individually adjusted to suit a wide variety of different driving conditions, the adjusted height can also be changed again at any time. And when things get really close to the groen there is always sufficient suspension room remaining even at the lowest settings with SUPERSPORT adjustable coilover units. Thanks to a high quality shock absorption system, you do not lose any contact to the road. You are always on the right track with the popular coilover suspension units from SUPERSPORT!

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